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Hi, I'm Amelia.


The quiet, introspective days of lockdown gave me the clarity and motivation to commit to a career change and purse my lifelong passion for design. Entering the field of UI/UX design was a natural way to marry my experience in visual art and graphic design with the communication, problem solving, and organizational skills I'd gained working as a Project Manager.


I’m excited about using the Design Thinking process to address complex problems and design impactful solutions; a passion which links my current design practice with past experience.  I also love drawing on my visual art background to create expressive icons and illustrations.


Now, I'm seeking new opportunities to use the skills that I’ve gained as a User Interface Design bootcamp student and freelance graphic designer to create mission-oriented digital products that improve the lives of others. While away from my desk, you can find me making noble efforts towards urban gardening and healthy-ish baking, or thumbing through a dollar record bin.


Hi, I'm Amelia, a junior UI/UX Designer with a background in Urban Planning and Project Management.

What's Next

Am I a good fit for your team?  (Or, maybe you have a great documentary to recommend?)

Currently based in Washington DC, I am open to relocation within the United States, as well as remote roles. 

I'm eager to connect with others in the industry, so please don't hesitate to start a conversation! You can email me directly or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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